Our Purpose

The Great School of Natural Science (GSNS) is an organization of men and women devoted to the study and application of natural laws in their evolutionary development as they forge characters worthy of soul consciousness.

Universal Peace

Universal Peace– by J. Otto Schweizer

The Great School of Natural Science discovers:

  • There exists a Universal Intelligence which is revealed in Nature by the establishment of an intelligent order governed by certain inexorable laws.
  • All life forms are endowed with the potential for growth and refinement. Nature is involved in the evolution of individual intelligences.
  • Natural Science demonstrates the Soul of the Individual is immortal, an ever evolving entity possessing simultaneously, a body of physical material and a body of spiritual material.
  • Men and women are personally responsible and morally accountable for their actions and deeds, within the scope of their knowledge and understanding at any given time.
  • Prayer is a means of communication between those in the physical world and the spiritual world. Whether you pray to God, Infinite Intelligence, the Powers of Good or your spirit friends and helpers, it matters not. The same intelligences hear your prayer.
  • In conformity with the universal Laws of Nature, through the persistent and intelligent effort applied to the Living of Life an individual may personally demonstrate there is a spiritual existence and a continuity of life after the incident called death.

The one great and impelling purpose of The Great School, at this time, is to impart Knowledge of Nature’s Constructive Principle to the Individual in the Living of a Life while on this physical plane. Natural Science defines the exact nature of the Ethical Life one must live in order to derive the greatest Soul benefit, not only for himself, but for the betterment of mankind as well. The Message of the Masters is filled with scientifically demonstrated facts of life beyond physical death that continue to inspire, to uplift and impel the Individual Intelligence to aspire to higher truth.

Fools Deride. Philosophers Investigate.

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The Great School is nonprofit, tax exempt, and practices nondiscriminatory admissions and policies. Its accepted students, regardless of race, creed or national origin, have equal opportunity to enjoy all the rights and privileges available and to engage in the full curriculum offered by the School.

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