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The Harmonic Series courses are offered free of charge to those who possess a ready understanding of The Philosophy of Individual Life, the necessary communication skills to study and submit written answers online. The Instruction is provided through email correspondence.

The coursework may take up to 5 years to complete if the student works consistently. All instructors serve without compensation, and work with other students as well, in one-on-one instruction. We ask that study course timelines be honored by each and every student unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Natural Science Study Courses From The Harmonic Series Textbooks

This course is a comprehensive review of the five Study Course Editions, also referred to as the Harmonic Series textbooks. This course outlines the value of “the things that we know” over all other classes of data in the universe from the standpoint of the individual. Course study should remove from the mind, as far as possible, blind acceptance of speculation, opinions, beliefs and dogmas of those who speak without authority of definite and personal knowledge.
A scientific and ethical introduction into Universal Principles, Moral Order and Natural Law as applied to the living of life. An in depth study of Nature’s Laws and Principles as applied specifically to humanity.
The analysis of virtues which can be practiced by everyone in every place of life; and how, by a multitude of small things and ordinary virtues individual character is transformed.
Ethical Course:
This series is addressed to the Individual Intelligence or Soul. The nature of the work is intellectual and ethical. It does not call for any consideration of the physical body, nor of the natural functions of the body.
Applicational Course:
This course is designed to help you apply what you have learned through practical application of Moral Principles to your daily life and to assist you in your continuing effort to grow intellectually and ethically.

All prospective applicants are required to read the five Harmonic Series textbooks before applying for Studentship by using the GSNS Contact Us link. A Student Questionnaire has been carefully developed in order to provide the information needed to determine applicant qualification for acceptance into the study course curriculum.

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