Information Booklet

The Information Booklet is a brief introduction to Individual purpose and proposes that Individual destiny has a two-fold purpose in Nature.

If you would like to learn more regarding the Individualizing of Intelligence, this booklet is a good place to start.

The Masters of Wisdom, during centuries of observation, investigation and deliberation, discovered a two-fold purpose in Nature. One of these has to do with the Individualizing of Intelligence and involves the Completion of the Individual and the Attainment of Happiness. The other is the primary purpose of the Individualized Intelligence itself, which is Self-Completion and involves the struggle for Happiness.

Both of these purposes are wrought out under Nature’s process of Evolution. Up to a certain point Nature works out its purpose with little or no assistance from the Individual Intelligence. Beyond that status, further progress is dependent upon the cooperation of the Individual Intelligence.

It appears that Man is “working out his own salvation.” To that end he is endowed and invested with certain faculties and powers, and charged with the personal responsibility of using them. Correct use of them promotes his growth. Incorrect use of them retards and prevents his growth. Non-use dwarfs and atrophies his ability to use them at all.

Every thoughtful human being realizes that Life has a deep underlying purpose. Whatever may be the differences of opinion as to what that purpose is, all intelligent mankind agrees that there is some definite object in Individual existence, and that the Great Universal Intelligence had a definite design in forming the Universe under the exact limitations and conditions that obtain.

The Great School of Natural Science

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