In the early days of the Great School of Natural Science, a surprising number of works were produced explaining or expanding upon the “Philosophy of Individual Life” as set forth in the basic “Harmonic Series.” A student of the philosophy began collecting these early works in 1999, first for his own enjoyment then later because he was fearful these books would be lost forever if not collected and somehow preserved.

Old books

This collection was accomplished under the aegis of the Great School of the Masters. While this may seem an overly bold statement to some, it is the simple truth.

Consider that an important part of this collection includes the actual first year’s issues of Life and Action. Magazines are ephemeral; they do not well survive the ravages of time. Life and Action was very limited in circulation; the odds of finding just one first year copy would be minuscule, yet copies of the entire first year were obtained without much difficulty. This defies all odds and could reasonably be classified as a miracle. It establishes that this collection owes much to the beneficence of the “Great Friends.” Indeed, it is their collection.

Time after time, books the collector had little hope of ever finding just came his way. Several of the books were inscribed by the authors and important ephemera were found between the pages; again, an improbable occurrence without “spiritual” help.

In 2009, the Internet Archive, an organization dedicated to preserving all manner of records and documents, agreed to scan the “Collected Works” and host them on the Internet. This collection now exists on multiple Internet Archive servers around the globe. It stands a good chance of lasting for as long as the Internet, perhaps a thousand years or more.

One hundred and twenty-four items make up this collection. All can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Also, “print on demand” copies can be ordered. And if further works can be found, they will be added to the “Collected Works of the Great School of Natural Science.”

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