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Today's Harmonic Message

To be physically perfect, mentally strong and ethically happy is the normal ideal towards which humanity moves.
-Harmonics of Evolution p. 432.


Evolution - by J. Otto Schweizer
– by J. Otto Schweizer

This site, the GSNS study site, is for those who wish to investigate more thoroughly and explore the value of “personal responsibility” as it relates to the Living of a Life while here on earth.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are: What is the purpose of a well directed life? If I die shall I live again? If life continues on how does my existence here in the physical world square with other worldly realities and dimensions? Does the moral content and quality of life in the physical world similarly parallel life in the hereafter? What is the nature of “sin?” To whom do we sin against? What is inner peace vs happiness? Is one attainment greater than the other? What is the nature of true happiness?

In presenting its message to the public, the GSNS offers this message:

“Here are some concepts that you may find interesting and enlightening. As you read them, bear in mind that you are not asked to believe any statement, but rather to consider them with complete independence of mind, using reason and intuition to quietly and calmly evaluate them.”

The word “harmonic” means “in tune, in concord with.” In our spiritual journey we come to understand that we must align ourselves, or be in-tune with, Natural Law.

Natural Laws govern not only physical matter, but spiritual matter: here, and in the afterlife. Aligning yourself with the Natural Law brings an awareness of universal goodness and justice, as much as any human being can approach understanding God or Infinite Intelligence.

This knowledge has been gathered from the experiences of masters and spiritual scientists over millennia, and can guide the soul who is seeking to know what truth is as it applies to the “living of a life.” A life of intelligent selfless service for the sake of others is the path of the enlightened soul. By the same token, destructive actions and selfishness also has an effect on spirituality and the soul.

The Great School offers one-on-one instruction as a gift to all souls seeking the keys to self-development with the goal of spiritual growth and soul unfoldment.

The Harmonic Series is a collection of teaching texts used by the Great School to share with students the knowledge necessary for building character in harmony with the moral order of the universe.

We invite you to also visit the GSNS Truthseekers’ website: »

What is the Purpose of The Great School?
The primary purpose is to present to the world, simply, modestly, humbly and without dogmatism, the tried, tested, demonstrated and verified Truths of Nature as established by the Universal (Infinite) Intelligence or God. Its secondary intent is to impart this information in such manner as not to wound, hurt or offend any honest Individual who is seeking to know the Truth concerning the Life here and the continuation of that Life after the incident called Death. Third, and last, is to convey its message of Truth to the largest possible number of earnest seekers in such manner to appeal to the reason and conscience of the Student regardless of his or her past associations with any scientific, philosophic or religious school, cult, church or other organization.
What is Natural Science?
Natural Science includes all branches of science which have to do with Nature’s laws, whether they be Physical Science, Spiritual Science or Psychical (of the soul) science. Natural Science recognizes the Laws of Nature as established by Universal (Infinite) Intelligence or God.
Who are the Founders of The Great School of Natural Science?
John E. Richardson founded The Great School of Natural Science in 1883. Florence Huntley was Mr. Richardson’s first pupil and together they constructed a work of instructional education based upon the principles, laws, concepts and discoveries of Natural Science.

The five textbooks for this School, known as the Harmonic Series, are also referred to as the Study Course Editions. In 1897 Florence Huntley authored the “Harmonics of Evolution,” the first volume of the Harmonic Series. John E. Richardson authored the remaining four volumes: “The Great Psychological Crime,” “The Great Work,” “The Great Known” and “The Great Message.” These books are the foundation for the GSNS online instruction.

What are the benefits of studying Natural Science?
Students of Natural Science are provided information concerning the requirements of Nature’s Laws. This knowledge can enable students to recognize and choose a wise path to follow. All any instruction can do is point to the pathway of duty and assist the individual in understanding the exact conditions under which he or she is to travel. It is up to the student to make right use of his or her individual knowledge and powers that lead to Individual soul unfoldment and personal development.

Ultimately, one of the greatest benefits for the student comes with the conscious (rational) realization that he or she is an Individual  Intelligence inhabiting both a physical material body and a spiritual material body while physically embodied.

We offer this website to all truth seekers in the sincere hope it will provide yet another portal into these vital and timeless teachings.


The Great School of Natural Science (GSNS)

The purpose of The Great School of Natural Science (GSNS) is to give the world in general as much light as possible on the great and vital problems of Individual LIFE and disclose to individuals knowledge applied through right action, that can lead to living a Life that is constructive, uplifting and in harmony with the laws of Natural Science.

The Great School is a voluntary association of women and men whose lives and labors are dedicated to the acquisition and perpetuation of knowledge of the Principles and Laws which govern Nature. The cornerstone of individual human progress is realized in “practical application” of what he or she knows, at any given time. The higher moral development of the individual culminates in the “just pursuit” of individual liberty, individual morality and individual happiness.

The GSNS has no kinship with spiritualism or mediumship. It is deeply spiritual without sectarianism; it touches life at all points.

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