Today's Harmonic Message

Each one of us is bound by the most exalted obligation that could be fixed upon us, viz: --

1.      To make use of all the faculties, capacities and powers of the Soul.

2.      To make a right use of them, in such manner as to conform our lives to the Constructive Principle of Nature.

3.      To do this to the full limit of our own abilities.

4.      To do it all the time.

--The Great Work  p. 347.

The Philosophy of Individual Life

The Great School of Natural Science is a nonprofit educational organization located in California. It is dedicated to the dissemination of The Philosophy of Individual Life. This philosophy has been taught, in one form or another, down through the ages, but usually only to a select few, in secret. It was put into modern form starting in 1897 by John Richardson, who accepted the task of converting it from its previous oriental and mystical format to a scientific one that is more appropriate to this modern age. Assisting Mr. Richardson was Florence Huntley, his first student.

The present version of the Philosophy of Individual Life is recorded in a set of five textbooks known as the Harmonic Series. The first book, The Harmonics of Evolution, was written by Florence Huntley, the others authored by Mr. Richardson. This uplifting philosophy embodies ancient wisdom in a manner that appeals to the rational western mind and serves to bridge the seeming gap between science and spirituality.

We offer this web site to all truth seekers
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